PicCollage for Kids



Pic Collage is an app that allows the user to arrange photos in any way imaginable. There are templates that arrange the photos into preset positions or you can freely arrange them as you want. Import photos from your photo gallery and web image search.

You can add text and stickers to the collage.

Other ways to edit include:

  1. change the size of a word or image by using 'pinch to zoom' (actually it is a 2 finger reverse pinch)

  2. photos can be edited or layered by tapping on the image

  3. enlarge the size of the text box by doing a horizontal or vertical reverse pinch

  4. rotate the image with a two finger twist

  5. double tap a photo to bring up the photo editing menu

  6. double tap a word to edit the word, change the font style and colour, shade the background and more (the three dots beside the paint can indicate there are more options - tap them to find out what option are there)

  7. double tap a sticker to copy or flip it

  8. single tap a photo or word and it will bring it to the top layer of all photos

  9. tap a word to bring it to the top layer and then drag it over a photo to put the label on a photo or sticker

  10. delete an image or text box by dragging it to the trash can in the upper right corner

  11. clip photos by outlining the area you want with your finger.

Tutorial 1: a video tutorial and 5 ways to use Pic Collage in the classroom.

Tutorial 2: a video tutorial.


Trouble Shooting

If you are having any problems, one of the first things to do is make sure you have the most recent version of Pic Collage.

If the app is crashing:

1 First try closing all open apps (including Pic Collage). The iPad has a limited amount of working memory and if there are too many processes going on in the background, it can reach its limit.

2 If this does not help, you should try to restart your iPad.

Classroom Ideas and Examples

Using Pic Collage as a graphic organizer for vocabulary: video

Use the frame layout to sequence a story,              Make a publicity leaflet for the school,

take pictures of the story and re-arrange                   using “there is” and there are”.

them in order of which they happened

in a particular story.

             The butterfly lifecycle.                                          Vocabulary posters.


           Presenting a national park.                                   The digestive system.

            Create dictionary posters.                                        An acrostic poem.

                     Students take pictures of real life examples: lines and angles.

Students re-tell a story about a historical event.               Animal categories.

Students build a skeleton for a 3D solid and explain their thinking in Pic Collage.

Used Pic Collage for graphing.

Examples of Pic Collage posters in Science and Geography: video.

Using Pic Collage to create posters, eye catching topic covers, persuasive leaflets etc

is an engaging activity for students.

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